What are Tear Stains & How are they Caused?

That reddish-brown streak under your puppy pal’s eyes is called tear staining and, although it could be the symptom of a serious eye health issue, it’s probably no more than a minor annoyance. Some of the medical causes of tear staining include eye infections, unusually large tear glands, a poor diet, second-hand smoke and medications, among other things.

It’s best to talk to your vet during your BFF’s next appointment to rule out anything serious. Usually, though, tear staining is simply a matter of too much tear production.

Some Pets Have More Tear Staining

Tearstains are generally the result of porphyrins, naturally occurring molecules containing iron that are waste products from the breakdown of red blood cells. These molecules are mostly removed from the body when your fur-buddy poops but they can also be expelled through his urine, saliva and tears. Staining happens when porphyrins sit on light-coloured fur for any length of time.

If the stains on your pet’s face are more brown than rust-coloured, she may have developed a yeast infection on her face because the fur under her eyes is constantly wet. The colour difference is important when it comes to what product to use to resolve the tear stains.

There is a huge correlation between tear-staining and food allergies, especially from foods containing beet pulp as a filler.

Certain breeds and lineages like English Bulldogs, Shih Tzus, Cockapoos, Havanese, Chihuahuas and many more, are inclined to have tear staining but it’s really not known why some dogs produce more porphyrin than others.

Tear Stain Treatments

You can help to control your best bud’s tear staining by keeping his face thoroughly clean. Gently wipe his face with a soft, warm, damp cloth at least twice a day and book regular groomings to keep his face hair trimmed.

Other methods include:

  • Feeding your pup a high-quality, balanced diet
  • Filling his water bowl with filtered drinking water rather than tap water, which can be high in mineral content
  • Replace plastic bowls with stainless steel, porcelain or glass. Plastic food and water bowls can become worn, making them a haven for bacteria that can irritate your furry best friend’s face

Pure Eye Tear Stain Remover

You can help to prevent tear staining on your furry pal’s face by adding an appropriate supplement like Pure Eye Tear Stain Remover from True Raw Choice to her diet. It contains powerful antioxidants, as well as being a powerful immune system builder. Stop by The Bone!