True Raw Choice Dehydrated Cookies

It’s the treat that everyone is talking about and we’ve got it here for your pup! True Raw Choice has introduced its new line of cookies, available in beef, chicken and lamb and made with diatomaceous earth, which is full of health benefits. Diatomaceous earth was once oceanic unicellular algae that formed into sedimentary rocks and is now in the form of a thick, white powder – it is an all-natural ingredient that promotes heart health, skin health and acts as an internal cleanser, getting all the bad out! These dehydrated meat treats by True Raw Choice may sound unappealing to a human, but pups will absolutely adore this mouth-watering experience for the taste. Available in flavours like pumpkin spice, cool coconut and magic antler, your pup will have a ball!

Each fun flavouring has its own, unique benefits and is available in beef, chicken and lamb. Why not make the treat-feeding process a healthy AND fun endeavour?

  • Cool Coconut offers yeast-fighting abilities, antibiotic properties and solid benefits to both your pup’s skin and coat
  • Pumpkin Spice aids in digestion, with high fibre content. It is also best for overweight pups who still like to indulge!
  • Magic Antler includes antler powder, promoting strong bones, especially hips and joints

Upon the first try of these delicious treats, your pup will be giving you a high-paw or two in celebration!

Always ask a professional or holistic nutritionist if you are unsure about feeding a product to your pet!

Here at The Bone, we offer highly specialized services that are tailored to the needs of each individual animal in a loving and caring environment. Our expert team go the extra mile to ensure that your dog receives the utmost care in a stress-free, holistic setting.

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