We We take pride in our dedication to creating awareness in the pet industry and to keep your dog or cat living a long healthy and happy life.

Jessica Mowforth

Feeding Raw

Pure and simple! Your cat or dog may be far removed from their wild lifestyle but they still have the dietary needs of a carnivore. If you’re passionate about your pet’s health and longevity, we insist you try a whole new way of feeding, raw food… it what makes biological sense!
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Natural Supplements

We all need a bit of extra support in today’s day and age. Be it the chemicals in our environment causing allergies, added stressors causing anxiety or just the need for a little extra boost… We’ve got a variety of natural supplements to support all the needs of your pet.
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Natural Grooming

From shampoos and conditioners to mud masks and salt soaks, we’ve got Spaw products and packages to suit all pups from nails to tails! Always clean, always natural!
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