Feeding raw is what is most biologically appropriate for the canine and feline species. Our dogs and cats are carnivores and their digestive system thrives on eating raw meat, bone and organs.

Building a healthy digestive system is essential to boosting the immune system of our pets and preventing diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Feeding raw can also help prevent allergies, arthritis and tooth/gum disease.

You can either pay the farmer or pay the vet… we chose the former!

Raw Improves More Than Just Your Pets

You’ll notice a HUGE difference in the way your pet breaks down and assimilates their nutrients.

No more nasty poops! You will soon see bowel movements significantly smaller in size and pretty much odour free. No more gassy bellies and/or backed up anal glands, woohoo! You may even notice a white-ish colour where it turns to a powder and can just disintegrate and blow away. Not to worry, this is just a beautiful side effect from the calcium in the bone.

Ps. The better your pet digests their food, the better they absorb their nutrients…

Benefit 1

the bones choice
Poop! Yep, I Said It!

Benefit 2

Pearly Whites & Better Breath

Ever wonder why our pets’ oral health has been on the decline lately? Well, it’s because of all the sugar aka carbohydrates added to their diets. Cats and dogs don’t properly break down grain and starches so it turns to a sugary cocktail in their mouths coating their teeth in a bacteria breeding gunk which later turns into plaque and can lead to gum disease. No need for starchy binders when feeding natures finest;)

Not only could you notice any skin conditions clear up but also you’ll soon see a much thicker, fuller and deeply coloured coat. A coat you may have never known existed. If you love cuddling now, just wait till that soft and lustrous coat comes in.

Benefit 3

Skin & Coat
Exclusively At The Bone

Why Choose Us?

Choosing what goes into our foods and where they come from is our #1 priority. It is very important to us that everything is hormone and antibiotic free, coming from farms as local as possible and that only use humane slaughter practices.

The companies we use add only human grade ingredients and are not just using scraps leftover. We’ve got a large variety of protein sources, bones and chews to suite the needs of everyone!