Pups Can Trick or Treat Too – at The Bone

We like to think of The Bone as a relaxed space for your pets where all their dreams can come true! With Halloween just around the corner, we err on the side of caution around pet trick-or-treating but promise healthy and tasty alternatives to Halloween chocolate and candies. We know your pup might be tempted to dive into your Halloween candy supply or your little ones’ candy stash from the haunting October 31st run. We also know that you want to feel like the best pet mom or dad ever in your pet’s eyes and may consider giving in and sharing your candies with them. Instead of giving in and feeding your pet a fatal substance, consider these alternatives:

  • Halloween cookies from Bosco and Roxy’s

Every season, Bosco and Roxy’s releases new and cute all-natural cookies that pups absolutely love. Unless your pup deals with an allergy, these are super safe and tasty. Ask us for the details!

  • Spooky toys from West Paw

Our stuffed monster toys from West Paw are super cute and durable – though quite spooky! Keep your pup distracted from tempting treats with one of these cuties (pictured above).

  • Our array of all-natural treats!

At the end of the day, we offer a large selection of all natural treats from amazing brands like True Raw Choice, Biologic, Smack and Bosco and Roxy’s, among many more! With one visit to our store, your pup will have sniffed out at least three tasty options!

Always ask a professional or holistic nutritionist if you are unsure about a specific treatment for your pet!

Here at The Bone, we offer highly specialized services that are tailored to the needs of each individual animal in a loving and caring environment. Our expert team go the extra mile to ensure that your dog receives the utmost care in a stress-free, holistic setting.

Ready to learn more about proper diet, Halloween best practices or have more questions? Give us a call at 289-660-2663 or drop by our shop!