Oral Health at The Bone

Check out The Bone’s selection of healthy oral hygiene for your pet! All of these products target oral bacteria which creates the production of tartar leading to plaque

OregaPet Natural Toothpaste is an oil of oregano based doggy toothpaste that is fluoride free and can also work as a wipe-on gel, without any need for brushing/rinsing.

OregaPet Dental Spray is a highly convenient way to apply oregano oil to your pet’s teeth/gums, to promote oral hygiene and neutralize bad breath. And it has 100% zero side effects.

Leba III Pet Dental Spray for dogs and cats has been used by vets for over 20 years and has absolutely no side effects. It consists of herbs/mints in distilled water that stimulate saliva to better loosen and remove built-up plaque on your pet’s teeth.

Nature’s Dentist for cats and dogs is a dental powder that you sprinkle on Fido or Fluffy’s food to fight gum disease, remove plaque, and minimize harmful bacteria levels.

Dr. Mercola Healthy Pets Dental Gel contains eight herbal extracts (instead of the usual one or two), all of which contribute to cleaning canine/feline teeth and gums, while simultaneously freshening your beloved pet’s breath.

Always ask a professional or holistic nutritionist if you are unsure about feeding a product to your pet!

Here at The Bone, we offer highly specialized services that are tailored to the needs of each individual animal in a loving and caring environment. Our expert team go the extra mile to ensure that your dog receives the utmost care in a stress-free, holistic setting.

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