Long Nails – Snap, Crack and Generally Make Your Pup Uncomfortable

English Springer Spaniel Rob with paw raised

Here at The Bone we believe in regular care in order to prevent long term issues. Pets nails can develop bad infections if they grow out too long, especially if they develop a crack or snap off with too much pressure on those paws. Regular nail grinds and trims are super important for healthy pets. When your nails grow long, you give them a trim or a shape up, right?

That being said, we’ve developed an offer for pup parents to take advantage of at our grooming Spaw that encourages regular nail care and great savings for you too! We are happily introducing two annual packages with savings of over 20% on each:

  • Nail Trim Package, with twelve nail trims for $114.99 (regularly $144)!
  • Nail Grind Package, with twelve nail trims for $143.99 (regularly $180)!

Always ask a professional or holistic nutritionist if you are unsure about a specific treatment for you pet!

Here at The Bone, we offer highly specialized services that are tailored to the needs of each individual animal in a loving and caring environment. Our expert team go the extra mile to ensure that your dog receives the utmost care in a stress-free, holistic setting.

Ready to learn more about proper nail trims or have more questions? Give us a call at 289-660-2663 or drop by our shop!