Keep Your Pup Smiling Bright

While many are keenly aware of the importance of good oral health for the human members of their family, proper dental care for dogs and cats often gets overlooked.

Brushing Fido or Fluffy’s Teeth

For young pups/kits, it is recommended that you brush their teeth and gums about every other day, while for older pets, a daily brushing is best. Do not expect your pet’s teeth to be free of all yellow stains, for those are normal once your pet passes the puppy/kitten stage. But do look to eliminate excessive plaque/tartar build-up and to prevent gums from getting infected.

If pet oral care is avoided, harmful bacteria can multiply, enter the bloodstream through oral lesions, increase toxin levels in the blood, and infect other parts of the body. This is besides the more obvious dangers of tooth decay/loss and gingivitis.

If your “furry patient” is unwilling to submit to the tooth brush, you still have options. First, your fur babe can come to The Bone where our experts will be happy to brush their teeth complimentary with some grooming packages. There are also sprays, gels, and healthy chew toys that can clean plaque off of canine/feline teeth.

Feeding Your Pet a Healthy Diet

As in humans, the foods pets consume affects their oral health. Don’t simply trust an “All Natural” label on the pet food packaging — investigate the ingredients. (Or ask someone at The Bone for suggestions!)

Most pet foods are full of carbs and sugars, which feed the bacteria that feed on tooth enamel. Additionally, many additives in pet foods can be harmful to your pet. For example, gelatin can be toxic, soy protein isolate is a known allergen, and hexa-meta-phosphate (found in kibble treats) can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, and even internal organ damage.

What, then, should your pet eat? For one thing, a “raw food diet” is both nutritious and can naturally clean your pet’s teeth. Bones scrape off the tartar, and ligaments/tendons function much like “natural dental floss.” Here at The Bone we offer antlers, which are amazing for dental health. Be aware that it is about buying the right size and watching your pet’s behaviour.

Chew toys are fine as well if they are natural – made of organic rubber or cotton ropes. But please, please, please avoid rawhide, which is one of the most dangerous items you can ever give a dog. Rawhide is one of the leading causes of obstruction in the esophagus, stomach and gi-tract due to the fact it swells considerably once wet.

Finally, be sure your pet also gets plenty of clean water!

We’ve Got What You Need to Keep Your Pet Smiling

Preventative oral healthcare for the furriest member of your family will improve his/her overall health and well-being and save you an expensive trip to the veterinarian.  You will do well to be aware of the risks of poor pet oral health and to check his/her mouth for problem signs regularly. Here at The Bone, we offer teeth cleaning for your pup! Make sure to schedule a teeth cleaning with us to keep your pup’s smile bright and their breath fresh.