Grooming Petiquette: Let’s Talk about Fur, Nails & Teeth Brushing

It’s no secret that many pet owners neglect to bring their pups in for a groom. Whether it’s because people, for centuries, have distinguished humans from animals and have assumed that it’s okay for their fluff balls to be one with the earth or because people have too much going on, our pets external (and sometimes, internal) health can be put on the back burner.

Our groomers see it all the time here at The Bone – some of our regular pets come in a few times a year for a groom. Great. Unfortunately, this is not enough to maintain a healthily groomed pet. Pets should drop in at least 4-8 weeks, if not more often, depending on the thickness and amount of fur separating their skin from the tips of their fur. If you are not sure how often, our team would be happy to come up with a grooming schedule with you, specific to your pet.

Untended Fur Seriously Hurts – and Smells and Breeds a New Home for Yucky Bugs

The groom was going well – a medium-sized pup named Fluff came in for the first time and felt safe and secure with us. We gave him a bath, washed him up, cut his nails and brushed his teeth. We groomed his body and moved to his face. As we began to cut the hair on his face, we spotted a small, black bug scrambling away – a flea! Eek. How did they slip by us before?

This isn’t a true story, but it is based on a number of grooms we’ve seen. Regular grooming keeps fur clean and shiny and repels nasty insects.

Regular Spaw Visits vs The Casual Groom

Regular grooming visits help dogs to understand that grooming is a part of life and to most, it’s enjoyable. Dogs feel a lot better when they can skip de-matting of their fur and excessive nail cutting because it is done so regularly, they are used to it and it is more manageable for both pup and groomer. In most cases, when a pup does not experience a regular groom, it will view grooming as punishment. Have you ever had to detangle your hair or experienced hair pulling? Imagine having hair all over your body with mats and tangles that were only managed a couple times a year. Yikes!

With the above in mind, we cannot stress enough that each and every pet is different. That is why we’ve developed a number of different grooming packages based on your dog’s breed and needs. We don’t expect your pup to get a full haircut with every visit, but we do offer unique services in between grooms. Why not try a Bath and Tidy, a Bath and Brush On, a Nail Grinding or a Teeth Brushing between those full Spaw Days? This will keep your pup clean and tidy all the time.

And remember: grooming is so much more than fur maintenance. When your pet’s nails are too long, they can snap, crack and cause infections. When your pet’s teeth aren’t brushed regularly, they can cause rank breath and long-term, terrible oral health issues.

Ready to learn more about proper grooming petiquette or have more questions? Give us a call at 289-660-2663 or drop by our shop!