Cut the Butcher Meat and Feed Your Pet a Balanced & Complete RAW Diet from The Bone

Interested in switching your pet to a raw diet? Great decision. A lot of pet owners are making the choice to go raw to keep their pets happy, healthy and leading an all-natural life. The trouble is, many pet owners assume that a raw diet equates to anything that is both raw and meat. You are not going to get your pup on a balanced, complete diet if you pick up the meat at Jo Schmo’s Butcher. And here’s why…

The portions are inaccurate.

Our selection of raw meats is suitable for pups and kittens of all shapes and sizes, offering feeding directions and portions on the labelling. Trust the experts on this one and you won’t have to worry about your pup’s proper daily intake being too little or too much.

The meat is not prepared with pets in mind.

Our raw food options are prepared with your furry BFF top of mind, noting the most important ingredients and nutritional values while also being weary of high volumes and taking into account what flavours tickle your furry friend’s fancy.

The source isn’t always a good one.

Further to the above, we know where the meats are coming from and the circumstances in which they are produced. We have taken the time and done the research to ensure the raw products offered in our store of of top-notch quality. The meats are not pumped with hormones, antibiotics or dyes, ensuring a balanced, nutrition-based diet for your pet.

For these reasons, the raw meats we offer at The Bone ensure your pet’s diet is balanced and that there are no nutrition deficiencies.

Wondering how to feed your pet raw? Stop by The Bone and talk to one of our knowledgeable staff members who have been feeding their pups raw for quite some time and have a tonne of tips and tricks to offer you! Don’t have time to swing by? Give us a call at 289-660-2663.